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the group at the Student Union. Kinda dark, sorry!

Sorry sorry sorry for not writing anything really until now. The past few days have been a total blur. We arrived at the airport very early in the morning on Sunday and two guys from the school picked up a big group of us and took us to our flats. I have met my 7 other flatmates, many of them from Germany and a few from the US. All very nice people. We had a full day of orientation on Monday which included a visit with my adviser, an introduction to the campus and a social that evening at like a restaurant/ bar downtown. Its been great getting to know all of the study abroad students. There are students from the US, Canada, Germany (lots of Germans), Australia, France and the Czech Republic. There are so many different people from different backgrounds but this experience has brought us all together. Its extremely cool. Today me and Erin met with our adviser again around 10am to go over our schedules and make sure everything was right. We also went to the main shopping centre called Bridges. This place is huge! And we got very very lost. The mall is indoors and outdoors and has clothing stores, phone stores, dollar (pound) stores, and grocery stores. Basically everything you could imagine. We were there for probably 2 hours and saw maybe a fourth of the place. We will be going back there tomorrow to finish up our shopping. We came back to our flats and relaxed for a bit then made our way to the St. Peters campus, the campus by the sea. We went to find all of our classes and stayed there for a while because the campus is incredible. Its literally right on the river and right next to the North Sea. I cant wait to see it tomorrow during the day. Ill post pictures of that campus hopefully tomorrow. The other campus is the city centre campus which is right downtown. I had no idea the city was so big. I think it will take the whole 4 and a half months Im here to really see Sunderland. I cant wait see all this city has to offer.

Things I want to do in Sunderland

- Go to a football game at the Stadium of Lights

- Go see a show at the theater, many of the shows are straight off of Broadway from London I was told

- Find a great local cafe

- visit the National Glass Center

New words

lift- elevator

slope- escalator

queue- line

wash basin- sink

wardrobe- closet

chips- french fries

crisps- chips

Also today me and Erin went to subway to eat, dont judge it was the only thing open and we were starvinggggg, and a bunch of locals were in there and apparently could tell pretty quickly we were from there so they asked where we were from and they freaked out when they told them we were from the States. They started asking us a million questions including: what do dollars look like, have you met Obama (I thought they said bombers and was very confused), something about big people which they eventually started asking us if all of us were fat.... and kept repeating fat Americans and laughing, if we had Subway in the States, and then asked us about politics in the UK which we nothing about. It was very interesting and even though they were laughing at us because everytime they said something I responded with "what?" they were very nice. The accents are incredibly hard to understand and thats really gonna take some time to get used it.

I start classes tomorrow at 9am, so that should be interesting. Hopefully I can understand the professor! The culture shock is starting to get better now that I feel like I know the city a little bit better and I have Erin to hang with. It was so overwhelming and so scary to just be dropped off here and told basically to figure it out that Im very thankful to have a friend here with me to figure things out together. Ill post more pictures and everything later but now its time to get ready for bed. busy day tomorrow!

Until next time, Rachel

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