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Going to do a little summary of the days in Australia's nature!

The first day I met Jack on the beach. His friend Ryan was already there with his helicopter. Just the flight was an experience for me. I've just been sitting in a helicopter once before, when I visited my brother in the military...

These four days have been really tough but also very funny. Jack and his friend Ryan is really funny and I like to hang out with them. I'm glad I went here with them.

We have washed ourselves in waterfalls and cooked food on campfires.

Once in a while it was really tough. For example when I got abrasions, and the lagguge was heavy, and when it was so hot that I thought I would die.. But when I was with these survivors, I din't dare to complain.

We have also come across different animals, as poisonous frogs and snakes and scorpions. When we met them I was scared but it was fun to.

They did know how to handle whit these animals, so they calmed me down.

The last day we put up a tent on the beach.. But not so long after we did that, I saw big sand rat! He stod and ate on our luggage, he even ate our canned food! Than I decided that we should sleep in a treehouse insted! They laughed at me and sad that it was just a

"white-tailed rat"... But I got what I wanted, and we slept in the tree house insted.

In the evening before we did go to bed we decided that they would follow me to Sydney.

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