Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

St. Paul's UMC

Shirley and Lois both from Elmira NY

Our new buddies Tom and Sharri

Taking my hacks

Must be a homer

From the left side

Well I must say the people of Globe AZ are absolutely the most friendly bunch we have met yet. We walked to church yesterday and Lois the owner of the campground greeted us with a warm and friendly smile before she took her seat in the choir. After the service a number of folks came to talk with us and there were many conversations going on. One surrounded us being from New York. Lois said she was originally from NY state and from Elmira. I asked her what high school she went to and she looked at me in a funny way but said Southside High. I interrupted Shirley's conversation and said you really need to talk with Lois. Shirley is from Elmira and went to Southside High. What a small world. One of the couples we were talking with wanted to know all about our being full time campers and asked us to go to lunch with them. Tom and Sharri were just the nicest people. They took us to a fabulous Italian restaurant where the food was excellent but not as good as the company. We talked and talked then they took us on a tour of Globe a city of about 8500. This is an old mining town and dates back to the 1800s. We all came back to the campground so they could see our rig. And we talked some more. What a neat couple. This campground is right in the historic district and we can walk everywhere. We did a little grocery shopping then made a date with Lois for 3:30. She wanted to get to know us better. This campground has real baseball batting cages with pitching machines. I haven't picked up a bat in 8 years (that's hard to believe) but I got in and bought 100 balls. My timing was off just a tad but about midway through I was getting solid hits both right and left handed. I was however a bit tired by the end. It was great fun. We went to Lois's homestead which consists of two houses, one she lives in and the other is her studio. She is a renowned artist and we saw many of her paintings on display in this great historic home she refurbished. It is move in ready but she prefers to keep it unoccupied and uses the house for her studio but also for parties and entertaining. So we have come to really like it here in Globe and are staying again tonight which will be 3 days at the Gila County RV Park. We have been treated nicely where ever we have gone, especially by congregations of the churches we attend. BUT we have never been welcomed as warmly as we have by the residents of Globe. We like the campground also. As the title says don't judge a book by its cover. Enjoy the pics.

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