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So after I signed off my last journal it was about 2am and Ella and Roslyn were not back from the bar. I tried to sleep but was waking up every 40min or so wondering where they were. Around 3:40 am I woke from a dream of them screaming out my name in panic. I waited for like 15 min then went to Talya's and Roslyn's room because I thought they might be there. As soon as I opened the door Talya popped up and looked as worried as me. She had been waking up a lot as well waiting for them. We talked about what we thought could have happened but I had soo much adrenaline I said I was had to go walk around and see if I could find them. She didn't think it was a good idea so I said I was just going to walk to the end of the driveway and smoke a cigarette while taking a look around down the streets close by. Well I couldn't stay there long so I went to walk and look for them even though I told her I wasn't. I found a guy at the 711 who looked lost and asked him if he knew of any bars that were still open. He didn't even know what time it was. I told him it was a little after 4 in the morning and he looked shocked. He was pretty out of it. I told him I was looking for a couple friends that hadn't come back yet and he offered to walk me to the bar he knew was still open but I know better. I knew what area the bar was probably located and it couldn't be more of a 15 min walk. I started walking (with my knife and pepper spray) with a very tall stance and like I was on a mission so hopefully no one would approach me. about 5 min down the road I could see 2 people walking toward me and as they got closer I thought I heard female accents in English so i figured I would ask them where they were coming from and if they had seen my friends. They looked obviously drunk because they were zigzagging up the road. As I got closer I realized it my Ella and Rawz. Instant relief but the first thing I said to them was "You guys are in sooo much shit right now!" I was really mad and scared. They were really drunk and thought it was funny. They didn't think they had done anything wrong. They were hungry so I walked with them to 711 to get snacks and then while they were there I ran back to the hostel to tell Talya they were fine just drunk. I grabbed some money to get myself snacks and met them as they were leaving 711 to head back. When I came back from 711 with my snacks they were in the courtyard area at the tables. We all sat down and talked about what had happened. Talya and I were not happy and the girls just thought it was hilarious. After we got yelled at for being too loud by one of the other tenants we went inside but I couldn't fall asleep for about an hour and a half. Ella knocked out withing 3 min of hitting the bed. I guess that's whats good about being drunk. We woke up around 11 and slowly got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we split up. Ella and I went shopping while Talya and Rawz went sightseeing because there were no motorbikes to rent to get to the waterfall. Ella and I covered a lot of ground in the city of Pai. We bought a real fruit mango strawberry smoothie that was delicious. We found our way to the afternoon food market and at the end of the street there was a cute park with local music playing. We finished our smoothies and ate some snacks we bought at the park. We walked back to the hostel and I only bought one skirt from a stand right in front of our hostel driveway. lol oh well I really like the skirt and bargained her down about 100 baht. The other girls ended up comming back at the same time and we rested for a bit from being in the sun all day. I talked to my dad for a little bit and then we got ready for dinner. We ended up at our favorite restaurant there but waited at the table for over an hour for our food. After dinner Ella, rawz and I decided to attend the Pai Raggae Festival. Talya went back to the room to rest. There was a free shuttle not far from our hostel at the high school that would take us straight there so off we went... :)

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