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Just a short drive since we do not want to arrive in La Paz until Monday to do business. Staying at Hotel Maribel, cheap and more in line with our $12 ON per day budget, ha!

I guess the lost address book is bound to follow me for quite some time! Bon's reminders not-with-standing, we are always facing some difficulty w/o phone #s or email addresses or street addresses...and now no phone to retrieve from! We are also getting into more 'regular travel mode seeking out roadside parking for ON stops I the car and hunting down the cheapest motels/hotels w/o fighting bugs or dirty sheets, ha! Now in Constitucion & Hotel Meribel where we stayed on the way up in May (likewise in Loreto @ Motel Brenda). We used to just sleep I the car all the way down but seem to be getting soft, looking for more comfortable digs.

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