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A large crowd on hand

K-9 demo

Ground fighting demo

Sgt Malta, our guide

Large amount of construction to support F-35s

KC-10 warming up

Thar she goes!

Surveillance/targeting drone

Drone "pilot"

Transport/support vehicle

F-18 taxiing

Loud pedal on!

Sniper Squadron

A Harrier

On Saturday Jan 21 we went to the “community breakfast” here at Cocopah. We met some more of the Park residents and introduced one lady to REAL maple syrup. She was impressed. The weekend was all about working around the “house”. I had to clean out the drain in the bathroom sink and in so doing managed to dislodge a shelf. The best way to repair it was with a power nail or staple gun and I don’t have one. I checked with my buddy Tom and, sure enough, he has one. So I borrowed his nail gun and compressor and repaired that as well as a few other items that had come loose. And so it went for the rest of the weekend. Sunday night we attended the lip-synch contest. It was quite funny with many folks dressed in a variety of costumes trying to be the best lip-synch artist.

Bright and early on Monday morning Tom, Nancy and we headed for Quartzsite. The BIG event was on – the huge RV and Gem Show. WOW!! What a difference from when we were there in early December. Thousands and thousands of boondocking RVs and many more thousands of people. The Big Tent was crowded. I had several things on my list and got most of them: a grill guard for the BBQ grill (lightweight aluminum and folds up - shields it from wind), more LED bulbs – they use 20% or less power than conventional bulbs and last virtually forever, waste tank cleaner and a few small items from one of the tool vendors. We had a BBQ chicken lunch at one of the food vendors. Ginger picked up a jacket and few other small items. And we found a great birthday present for a family member. We would like a good tripod for the trailer pin box (hitch) to take some of the shake out but I didn’t find the one I wanted. We ended the day by sharing a slice of apple pie ala mode with caramel sauce. Tom scored a piece of carrot cake and cup of coffee for $2. It was time to head to the ranch.

On Tuesday morning we jumped in with Tom and Nancy and drove to the Marine Air Station here in Yuma. They were doing one of their open house events for the public. Upon our arrival the base CO was giving a short welcome talk. Following that we saw a K9 demonstration and a defensive tactics demo. Nothing new here for Tom and me but the wives enjoyed it. Tom and Nancy’s son, Jake, is in the Air Force and is now a special investigator. They are very proud of him and rightly so! We boarded a bus and started the base tour. After 10 – 15 minutes we stopped in front of a building on the flight line. They had ground vehicles, a rescue helicopter, F18, Harrier, targeting drone and other items on display for us. As we arrived a KC-10 tanker was warming up for takeoff and soon departed. I spoke with a drone pilot who explained how the drone is used and what its capabilities are. A group of us spoke with a Harrier pilot and asked many questions. The Station will be the first to receive the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which will eventually replace the Harriers and F-18s. Before leaving the flight line and completing the tour, another KC-10 and several jet fighters took off.

We followed that up with lunch at a local Pizza Hut. They had a nice pizza/salad, etc. buffet for $6.99. We then stopped at a Wal-Mart to pick up a few items before returning to Cocopah. Another nice day spent with our good friends. They probably need a break from us by now! LOL!!!

Wednesday –

We headed to Gila (pronounced Hee-la) Bend, AZ to meet our friends Dick and Phyllis for lunch. You may remember we first met them in SD when we were parked next to one another for a month. On the way there we passed a HUGE mirror solar farm under construction. In fact it will be the World’s largest solar plant once completed. I gotta see this when they finish it! See http://www.cleanenergyauthority.com/solar-energy-news/solano-power-plant/ for more info.

We had a very nice visit over an “ok” lunch in a small Mexican restaurant - not many choices in Gila! It was nice to see our friends as we don’t know when our paths will cross again – but we expect that they will!

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