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Our new under cabinet coffee maker, perfect for a motorhome that goes...

While others considered more sane are enjoying tropical weather in Florida, Texas, or similar locations, Hazel and I are still parked in the farm yard here in Minnesota. Just 30 feet away is a perfectly good house with the furnace running, but it is just more comfortable here in the motorhome. I figure it is costing me about $5 bucks a day for LP gas for cooking, hot water, and heating, and that is pretty cheap rent for an office, especially one with a better television than we have in the house. Our son Jim is back from Europe, and has the house pretty-much to himself, except for the two house cats.

We are getting ready to head out on the road one of these days, somewhere, almost certainly warmer than Minnesota, although our temperatures have been great, usually in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range, dipping near zero some nights.

Without heated black and grey holding tanks (making mental note that our next motorhome will be a big diesel pusher with a heated basement), we have to trot into the house a few times a day, but the water system is just fine, the 75 gallon fresh water tank under the bed is warm, and it didn't take me long to discover that spot in the water line that was subject to freezing, back in the corner behind the bedside dresser. That was quickly cured by taking out the bottom drawer and placing a small ceramic heater in that area of the bedroom, setting it on low. No problems since.

A couple of white plastic dish pans from the dollar store keep the water in the galley from going down the drain, and hot and cold water flows freely from the faucet. What happens to the water in those plastic dish pans? It goes out the door, up in the air, landing waaayyy over there near the woods. That maneuver wouldn't go over in an RV park, but out here on the farm it works very well.

As I remember, it starts warming up around here about Easter time, and we will hopefully be on the move somewhere by then. Last night, Hazel and I talked about going to Newfoundland for the entire summer, and that's a firm maybe. We could tow our car, take a couple of the pooches, and this time no relatives, just the two of us.

I wonder how long that plan will stay simple.

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