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Today was a long day. We drove from Paso Robles to Julian, CA. We had to go over Tejon pass and into Los Angeles. Not fun. It was Friday of a 3 day weekend, and yes, we were stuck in traffic a few times. I thought that when we got to Temecula we were free and clear. Little did I know this was where the difficulty started. The road (or as I saw it, trail) out of Temecula was scary. I should have known when we saw that big yellow sign that read, "Tractor-Semis over 30-feet Kingpin to Rear Axle NOT Advised." Now, I'm not exactly sure what this meant, but I knew it probably wasn't good. What the yellow sign translates to is: "The road ahead is hecka twisty, steep and narrow and if you have a big huge truck and trailer you are stupid to go this way!" Once we started on this road, there was no choice because there was no turning around and there was definitely no backing up. It really wouldn't have been too bad, if it wasn't for all the cars behind me passing, or attempting to pass (in no pass zones) because I was going so slow. Better to go slow and arrive in one piece, than to lose the load!

We arrived at Stagecoach Trails RV Park about 5:00 pm, just as the office was closing. The name of the road the campground is located on is "The Great Southern Overland Stage Route Of 1849." I'm not kidding. Way cool. We found our spot, (it would have been fine to pick any of the hundreds of spots available) and set up in the dark. This RV oasis is in the desert mountains, with a million billion stars visible every night, and the coyotes howl all around us throughout the night. And there are very few other RV'ers, considering the size of the campground. It is just perfect.

Some of the people we have met and talked with while staying at Stagecoach Trails RV Park:

Stan & Liz Dunten (

Kathy & Bruce McMahon (

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