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Boat on the Delta

As we had planned, we spent Hannah's Winter Break in Sacramento. David kept himself busy doing what he loves, tinkering and working on the "house". Hannah spent lots of time with her friends, and I took every chance I had to go out with friends and family. I tried to visit Markham Way, but missed everyone - which is to be expected, since it was the holidays. I am just going to have to use Facebook to stay in touch!

I spent the time in Sacramento sorting through more stuff, and hopefully lightened the load that we are taking on the road. I am trying to figure out a solution to my pantry problem - it is too skinny for pre-made slideouts, and too long for me to reach the back! Of course, we probably shouldn't have it packed to the gills like it is right now. But we stocked up at the Co-op and Trader Joe's, so we are a little disorganized for now.

David's take:

We stayed about 3 weeks at Mark J's RV Resort on Madison Avenue. It was plenty of time to buy some add-on's for truck such as much needed mudflaps and a bug deflector. The other purchase I made was the bike rack. We have a receiver hitch on the back of the RV so I was able to purchase a bike rack with the 3" hitch that slides right into the RV receiver. I got a rack that would fit up to four bikes although we only have three right now. The bike rack works perfect except it adds another four feet or so to the rig, bringing our length to 39 feet.

I spent about a week cleaning the RV on the outside. Then I waxed a good portion of it. I will continue waxing on the road. I also bought this product called 'rejex' to put on the front (nose) of the RV. It's supposed to work like RainX. We will see if it works. The nose finds ALL the bugs. One of the other things I did was try to lube the spring shackles. I could only get about half of them done. The others wouldn't take any grease. From reading the forums I think I need to get the weight off one of the wheels to take the pressure off the springs. I will think of something.

Thank you JT for letting us keep our stuff in your garage while we did our road trip. It was a real help.

I had to make several trips out to JT's in Folsom to retrieve all the stuff we left there. It felt like we were stuffing our RV like a Thanksgiving Turkey. How could it all fit? Somehow we did it. I do hope we are not over weight. At some point I know I'm going to have to weigh it and find out. For now we will always be traveling with the holding tanks empty. Okay, maybe a little water in the fresh water tank just in case.

Road to Isleton

Our first stop was about an hour from Sac in Isleton. Hannah rode with me in the truck and Nancy followed in the CRV. This was good as Nancy could protect our tail and let us know how everything looked as we drove. Once we turned off I5 the road narrowed and became real bumpy (of course). Then we made this right turn and we were on a super narrow road that took us to the top of a levee. Entering the campground we turned right onto a 10% down grade driveway. It was nuts. The campground was one of Camping World's private campgrounds where we got four nights for $10 a night. We had the 'promo' for listening to the CW salesman. This place was not so great. It was run-down, spots were all back-in with sewer hole higher than your RV drain - if you could even reach your sewer hole. The only positive was that it was very quiet. We stayed three days, and won't be going back there anytime soon.

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