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We had the pleasure of having a 3/4 Roudebush Christmas at The Gingrich home in Gardnerville, NV. I say 3/4, because we were missing Bonnie, who joined us by phone from Austin.

Kristen and Mike welcomed Mom, Allen, his girlfriend Stephanie, her mother Sheryl (from Oregon!), Mike's father Ralph, David, Hannah and I. Mike's mom, Joann, was not feeling well, so she was not with us. Yes, it was a full house. I had picked up desert and dinner rolls from Freeport Bakery. Kristen and Mike made their amazing lasagna and salad, and we all ate way too much!

According to tradition, the mandate of "No Gifts" was strictly followed by half of us. Those of us who received gifts were still grateful, and those that didn't receive gifts were happy to give. So, it was a successful family gathering.

Too soon, it was time to hit the road and drive back to Sacramento. We were so thankful to have the day together, and to be part of such a loving family.

For whatever reason, I do not have a single picture from this day. Nothing on my phone, or Hannah's camera. And I have no idea WHY. Well, maybe I was too busy eating.

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