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Beautiful Baby Elephant

This little guy was just full of spunk! First he sprayed us,...

We caught a 9am bus to Lanchang, about an hours and a half drive from Kuala Lumpur headed to Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Center. It is the only center in Malaysia dedicated to elephant translocation and conservation. Visitors get to feed, bathe and ride the elephants for free, providing you get the 'yellow' ticket, which we did because Jason called and reserved four for us.

It's mass disorganization and it was more like a zoo than a conservation center however we still enjoyed our time at the park and loved every minute we got with the elephants. We fed the elephants Papaya and they made a slobbery mess of your hand when they were done taking it from you. We got to ride on a 37 year old elephant from Myanmar by the name of Pudra. She was beautiful and very soft. We made our way to the river where we jumped in with two baby elephants and helped the trainers bathe them. They sucked in water through their trunks and squirted you with pleasure. They rolled around and pooped in the water. Pretty disgusting, I really love elephants in order to do this. We had a great time in the river with them. Nick stayed ashore and took some photos with both of our camera's and now we have some wonderful memories to take with us. What better way to bring in the new year - my dream come true, or half of it anyways. I’m sure my days with elephants are not over yet. As a group we donated $40 to the center and made our way back to Kuala Lumpur.

Got on a bus at 4:45pm and were back in KL at 6:45pm. Went to the room, dropped our stuff off and headed to China town for a bite to eat. Found a food court, ordered some rice and roasted pork. Delicious it was. Once done eating Jason and I made our way back into the hawker stalls so he could find some swim shorts. Success! Jason managed to buy two; one quiksilver and the other billabong for $18 Canadian. We bought ourselves two leather wallets for $11 Canadian and Jason bought me a Coach purse for $7 Canadian. We were finally done shopping and back in our room by 11pm.

Nick and Jason decided on which bus to take tomorrow to Cameron Highlands, 1:30pm was the choice so well all could sleep in.

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