Winter trip to Australia 2011/12 travel blog

Morning coffee stop at Blackman's Bay on way to Hobart airport

The shot tower we climbed hundreds of narrow wooden spiral steps then...

Which way does that mean?jump out the window or back down the...

The sun was bright and sea a sparkling blue to say farewell to us as we drove from Snug to Hobart to catch the evening plane back to Melbourne. The hour coastal drive was beautiful with lovely sandy bays with good swimming such as Blackman bay and Little Sandy Bay and we stopped frequently to potter along the beaches. We also visited an old tall narrow tower you could climb up where they used to make lead shot by dropping molten lead from the top into a bucket of cold water! The view from the top of the tower of the coast line was wonderful even if the wind was quite cold up there.

We also did our last 2hr return climb to the Nelson signal tower which is where the semaphore messages from Port Arthur used to be received and sent down to Hobart. The view from there of the south coast of Tasmania was great and we could say “we have been there” to most of the places we could see which was nice!

The short 1hour plane journey went without hitch (which is more than we can say for the one to Sydney which was cancelled leaving all the passengers stranded for the night) and Katie and Andy came to pick us up which was lovely of them and made a huge difference as we got home before midnight… shattered but having had a fabulous time.

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