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Jim & Paula, enjoying taco soup after arriving from Anchorage this evening...

Paula holding Madison on Sunday afternoon...

Good pic of hubby...

Love the new wrap on Levi's helmet...Did you know that this helmet...

Miss Jasmine, dreamin' about a bite of the cake to come???

Three pretty ladies...

Time to sing, it can be brutal!

Miss Jasmine reading her card to Papa, sooo cute!

I love you Papa!

Larry & Tawnia...

The kids arrived from Alaska Saturday evening after an uneventful flight. It was sure good to see them again, it's been way too long. Sunday afternoon most of the family gathered together to celebrate Larry's birthday. Tawnia's Dad Sal & his wife Jackie are visiting from Canada so they joined us as well. We grilled burgers with all the trimmings and had cake & ice cream afterward of course. Larry received a couple of gift cards to his favorite restaurants, he always loves that! Thanks to all of you for your calls, cards and emails as well. They made his day very special.

I have to mention what I gifted him. It's called the GoBible Voyager- Word of Promise- NKJ version audio Bible featuring a star-studded cast of over 600 actors, original music score, and incredible feature film quality sound effects. We are experiencing the Scriptures like we've never experienced them before – brought to life and dramatized in a way that is fully immersing us in the experience. Actors like Gary Sinise, Jim Caviesel, Luke Perry, John Schneider, Joan Allen, Marcia Gay Harden & Martin Jarvis, as the voice of God, make this an awesome way to read the word each morning. It also offers 3 gig of additional space for music or audio books as well as 230 favorite stories and the list goes on. I purchased 'ours', did you notice I said 'ours', lol, at QVC after shopping around for the best buy. But you can Google and find them on several sites. We highly recommend this product for seasoned Bible readers as well as 'newbies'. Love it!!!

Jim & Paula brought over 50 pounds of salmon, halibut & moose on the plane with them so we have enjoyed a couple of wonderful meals since they've arrived. Yesterday Paula, Bonnie & I went out for lunch and then hit Nordstrom Rack. Paula found a new coat that she loves and Bonnie is now the proud owner of a really nice Kenneth Cole wallet. I tried on a couple of blouses but nothing really caught my eye. Larry was grateful for that, lol!

Larry has a routine doctor's appointment this afternoon. He had his blood drawn Tuesday for this appointment but I postponed having mine done for another month or so. They have the hardest time getting any blood out of me & it is something I truly hate going for every six months. If I was Dracula's only option he would sure be out of luck, lol! I'm giving Onyx a bath as soon as I finish posting this. So, that's it for now. We're enjoying the weather, our kids and all this great food. Life is sure good!

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