Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Not sure I'd want this on my house

Doesn't look much better close up

Ready to roll

It feels very reminiscent of pulling out of Decatur back on March 7 for the first time. It took us all day to get the camper ready to resume our travels. While we didn't work on it every minute, we needed to get all our stuff out of the Activity Center closets, sorted and put back in the carrying tubs, put in the truck. We had to pack up the camper. After 54 days here at TMM we had set up camp with a lot of stuff out. Then we had to remember how to put the camper on the truck WITHOUT a trip to the ER. All accomplished and after lunch we will be heading to Phoenix for a NOMAD dinner. We will be staying at the church parking lot tonight. Shirley called 5 campgrounds (this is the season in the Southwest) and none would take a truck camper! Looks like state parks coming up. We really had a wonderful (although long) time here. The people have treated us so well and we met such great folks and saw some fabulous things in Tucson. We will remember fondly our stay. By the way, my materials finally came, the collection is done and FEDEX will have the package in an hour on its way to the lab in Chicago. Enjoy the pics.

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