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Peir 13, Bangkok. The path on the left is usually well above...

Standing Buddha, Bangkok

Sunset view from our bungalow, Ao Nang

Our lovely bungalow, one of 7, Ao Nang

Mr Cocks' Sidewalk Bar, Ao Nang

Just finished my oil massage, and have to sit down again! Ao...

Long-tail boat parking lot, Nopparathara Beach

5 x 225hp motors, seats 50 and goes at 80kph!!! Nopparathara Beach

Spent over a week in Bangkok doing the usual. After 28 days without reliable internet access, we had a bit to catch up on. Have found a nice hotel, New Siam, and at $19pn a real bargain. Christmas day we treated ourselves to an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet - stuffed ourselves stupid with mountains of sushi and Tom Yam soup to which you add your favourite ingredients. Waddled out and went to the movies. Nice day.

Have been in Ao Nang ever since. Wow, 3 weeks in the same place!! Staying at Yu Bungalows just off the main street, best room we've had for ages with a fantastic patio overlooking the bush. It's hard to imagine 2 adults being able to sleep 10/12 hours a day but that's our routine!! Didn't realise we were so buggered. Sun baking, swimming, eating, massages, walking, reading and, of course, drinking. Hard to fit it all in. New Year's eve we were on the beach along with hundreds of others, watching fireworks.

Ao Nang is a small tourist town on the Andaman Sea, very popular with Europeans. I think

I've mentioned before that age/size/shape is absolutely no bar to wearing a bikini here. Consequently some of the sites on the beach are alarming to say the least. Tattoos are also extremely popular which just adds to the overall effect.

That aside, we've had a lovely time, meeting lots of nice people. There's a bit of an institution here called Mr Cocks' Sidewalk Bar - essentially Mr Cocks serves cheap cold beer and spirits out of his ute parked on the street and the patrons sit on tiny stools on both sides of the main footpath, at the same time making police siren noises (waa woo waa woo) to attract more customers. The most amazing (and not so amazing) people gather here, everybody seems to have a story and more than willing to tell it. Makes for very lively conversations. All the years we've been coming we've been a bit snotty about it - "pack of drunks, blocking the footpath" etc - anyway, we tried it this year and have had great fun. Sometimes the company is, to put it nicely, desperate and alcohol-fueled (unlike ourselves of course) but we've also met lots of interesting people. All the time the rest of Ao Nang passes your nose, probably thinking "pack of drunks...."!!

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