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JC getting his Kitty Kat fix!

Another guest for dinner. Look at those interesting eyes.

It was hard for me not to be able to pet these...

Carolyn, our amazing chef!

I wish I could remember all their names!



Turquoise Valley Golf Course




Mountain ranges all around us

Thanksgiving at Paws and Hooves! We joke the 3rd time is the charm. We had made 2 previous attempts to have Turkey Day with them, but various complications prevented us from making it. We were just thrilled that we could spend the time with these two very special people, Carolyn and Rosanna. We had a vegetarian Thanksgiving with the main course being stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. What a treat.

Carolyn is an amazing cook. She took one Erloom Squash and made a version of mashed sweet potato and a desert that you would never know was the squash. Amazing! It was also great to see the ranch one more time. They shared pictures of their new cottage in Northern California, and talked all about their moving plans. Can't wait to see their new place early next spring. I wish them a speedy ranch sale and a smooth move.

That brings us to our current location, Turquoise Golf & RV in Naco, AZ about one mile from the border and Naco, Mexico. We have been warned to be a little more cautious in this neck of the woods and skip crossing the border here. In the past, there has been some pretty active "coyote" people smuggling.

The golf course is tough because it is laid out in a rather challenging fashion. Frankly, some of it is a little weird and hard to follow where the next hole is located. This golf course has been in continuous operation since 1908. It is also known for hole #15 The Rattler which is a par 6 at 727 yards from the white tee. We played the front nine one day and the back nine the second day. Since then the weather has turned really cold. JC is skin and bones with no more insulating fat layers and is cold under normal circumstances. We have ventured out little. Hope the weather improves. Everyone here says this is unusually cold.

We payed for a month, $300 plus electric. We plan on returning to Gold Canyon on Dec. 20th and spending the holidays in that area. It got down to 16 one night with a day time high of 42. Our water pump froze. Fortunately, it quickly thawed with the hair dryer with no harm done.

We have not had much precipitation in the first 2 weeks here, so there is no snow except for a light dusting on the higher elevations of the Coronado National Park mountain range. I know of other friends having to deal with single digit weather and several feet of snow. We have considered leaving but would have to drive too far for it to make that much difference. About the only warm places in the country right now are the southern tip of Texas and the Florida Keys.

Another cold front is passing through in the southeast part of Arizona with high winds and rain. We sure are glad we have lots to read and movies to watch. We have been here 19 days and have played golf only 3 times!

We have visited Sierra Vista for shopping. It is about 35 miles to the west. This little town is not so little. I was very surprised at how much shopping opportunity there is. Of course, Fort Huachuca, a U.S. Army installation, is nearby employing many of the residents of Sierra Vista.

Tomorrow we leave Naco and head back to Gold Canyon to spend the Christmas holiday with Len and Nancy. It has been so cold here in Naco. We never did make it to Bisbee for a day trip. It has been just too cold to be walking around town.

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