The Olivetts in the Galapagos Islands 2011-12 travel blog

1-12-12 Thursday

After I wrote last night the people at the internet café/travel agency talked me into going on a jeep tour for today. The tour was fun! The ride through the mountains was as good as the sites. Tomorrow I will go to the park early, then head out. I was planning on a couple of days at another archeological park about six hours from here, but I think that I better get to Bogota and make some flight arrangements.

1-13-12 Friday

This morning I went to the archeological Park, it was really nice. Little is known about the people of San Agustin other than the fact that they left behind pottery and around 500 life sized statues. The people disappeared many centuries before the Spanish arrived. There was not a written language. Some of the statues look a lot like they are from elsewhere… think aliens. This afternoon I bused for about 6 hours and got as far as Neiva, I stopped here because I didn’t want arrive in Bogota in the middle of the night. Neiva isn´t in the LP and I soon found out why. It is a big filthy city and really stinking hot. From the terminal I got a taxi and I told him that I wanted to go to a good hotel. He dropped me at this twenty dollar place. The lobby didn’t look too bad so I took it and paid up front. The room was horrid and about 120 degrees. There was no toilet seat or hot water and the wall near the ceiling was open to the next room - with loud little kids in it. I thought that maybe I could handle it, until a mosquito buzzed my ear. It was then I remembered the billboards that I had been seeing all day, encouraging prevention of dengue fever (incurable urban mosquito borne disease). I grabbed my bags and went downstairs, tossed the remote on the counter and left. I got another cab and went to El Centro, which is where I had told the first one to go. This hotel isn’t bad albeit a bit dated and overpriced. Oh well tomorrow is another day and Bogotá is in the book.

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