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View from Stirling Castle

Robert the Bruce

View from Stirling Castle

View from Stirling Castle

Stirling graveyard

Early start to the Galloway Forest Park

Early start to the Galloway Forest Park

Sunrise on the drive

Sunrise on the drive

A nice view for the sheep

More sheep and sunrise

A wee loch

A wee person looking at a wee loch

Random Christmas tree

Cruisin' in my Micra

Checking oot the valley

There was no-one around to take our photo

Galloway wild goats

Galloway wild goats having a headbutt

More headbutting

More goats

Goats cont...

Wild goat who jumped the fence for our goose sandwiches

Not a bad valley

Mist in the valley

Micra in the mist

Trying to show the steep hills

The misty valley

More valley 'n' mist

Snap happy in the valley

More valley

More valley

It was difficult to get bored of this valley

High on a hill was a lonely sheep (we were trying to...

We drove around the south west of Scotland for the two days after Christmas with no real goals or places to see. Scotland is full of remote wilderness and some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen so it is pretty easy just to drive all day and not get bored. We went to a national forest and ate goose sandwiches (still not sick of goose just yet).

Unlike most people in Scotland, Courtney and I went back to work in between Christmas and New Year and decided to save our leave for our trip to Bavaria.

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