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Orange Blossom (before I learned to focus)

Notice the honey bees.


Tangerine Blossoms.

An early fruit for this tree in front of the RV.

These are the start of buds on our tree.



Tables all set up for Christmas Dinner.




Tom & Rita hooping it up!

Don & Gail

Thrown in to remind us what's going on at home.

Don & Shelly Legault.

Don & Gail (Shelly's sister)

Judy and Jim Wilson.

Paul and Lynn Ward.

Rita and Tom all playing 'Taboo'

Just had to include a pic of Dick & Sally Rankin's 'Dudder'

That's not allowed , Tom!!!

Our next door neighbour , Mike,(at home) fishing in Florida.

Our old Hatch RV friends having a Happy Hour in front of...

Bentsen Grove gand, plus Claire and Lawrence, having Happy Hour in front...

Notice that it's a bit chilly.


Last year's photo of Mexico just to refresh because bum-bum didn't bring...

Progreso street vendors.

Hi Y'all !!!

First of all let me thank Shelly and Claire for the use of their photos because King Tut (Hisself) didn't think to bring his camera to many events.

Well, I read that in-between Update that HeyU decided to slot in there. I certainly didn't OK that addition and I can't figure out how the little red a_ _ ed Basket found out my password to update. He's not saying a word no mater how much I torture him! I've even threatened to put him outside!!! He's now looking through the door at twelve gazellion birds feeding at Rita's bird stations, having a bath in the nearby Olympic sized bird bath (HeyU's litter container for the truck)then promptly flying off and shitting on the engine bonnet of the Green Giant. Isn't anything sacred?

The rains are over and the trees are starting to show great enthusiasm after their three week watering. I've included a few shots of the trees behind our RV (really belonging to the lot next door which is not occupied yet, which are welcoming spring with the most beautiful and odorific scents that one can imagine. The Orange tree on our lot has just shone signs of developing buds and the Grapefruit Tree has not shown that it intends to fruit at all yet.

We've taken in a lot of the Park lunches and suppers put on at the Y-Cook Cafe where the food is good , prepared by the resident volunteers. They are becoming so popular that the line-ups are very long and of course getting a bunch of volunteer retirees to hurry up is certainly unheard of! In fact this being Saturday the breakfast served was Biscuits and gravy.......a Southern thing......and the line was about 40 minutes long (see, I've even got them timed) so I said Rita, we're going to Alejandro's for his wonderful Omelet which is to die for!! In fact it's so large he let's us buy one and split it between the two of us. Rita was going to attend the big Craft Fair on at the Hall today but the ATM up the street was not working and a woman just cannot go to a Craft Fair to only look at the goods! 8^)

Well since we last spoke (excluding the twerp's edition) Christmas has gone by, New Year has reared it's head, we've had lots of Happy Hours at different locations (weather permitting) It's winter here too....OK? I'm trying not to growl about the cold knowing that a lot of my readers are in the far NORTH ....BUT...when I got up yesterday morning and saw that the temp here was 0.6 deg C and the temp home was 1.3 I said "And what are we doing this far South??" Well in the afternoon I certainly know why. As I've always said "Texas, where the furnace and AC are needed in the same day!"

We've taken a trip to Progreso, Mexico where, this year, the Mexican Military was not seen anywhere close to the Border. The same mass of street merchants were there to greet us and I was able to practice my Spanish "No, Gracias, No Gracias" I should have worn my sandals so I wouldn't have had to hide from the shoe shine boys. The little chicklet selling senorias were also hard to get rid of, I think it was Don's good looks that kept them coming. Why were they flashing and batting those dark mexican eyes at yours truly??? When I got tired saying no! my hand started towards my pocket to fish out that quarter and Don said "Don't you dare!!!" And he was right, we would have had twelve thousand around us in about three seconds! So I immediately said "I wasn't ever thinking about it Don!!" Almost did though.........

We were waiting for Jim to have some dental work done and the girls went to have pedicures. I don't think Rita will again because next day both big toes were infected. The other girls did fine. They sure felt good though for the rest of the day. On the way home we stopped and had a Sub at Submarine!! Great day and we pulled into the Don-West Flea Market and bought a bunch of fleas! (for HeyU)

Christmas Dinner was great food and about 425 people attended.

We decided to have New Year's Eve at Don & Shelly's and all had a great time. We played a new game called 'Taboo' , we played it badly but had a hoot doing it as can be seen by the pictures.

Yesterday, Rita and I traveled to Mercedes and attended an RV Show. Again Dum-Dum didn't bring his camera but you know once you've seen one've seen them all. A trip into H.E.B. brought our grocery inventory up to snuff on the way home.

We've got tickets to the musical "Mame" on Jan 20 put on by the Rowe High School Choir Dept. And on Jan 27th we're got tickets for the McAllen International Carfest at the McAllen Convention Center where a couple of weeks ago we attended a travel show. I better remember to take my camera or suffer a few swearwords from some of my readers, those shall remain nameless........unless of course you decide to continue to give me a hard time.

I shall be going to Mission Lodge again on the 19th, can't miss that because they're a great bunch of guys!

I have to take a few minutes to explain to some of my readers who have probably just started to read these poor excuses for Updates (or those like me who have forgotten) I started writing these notes so that my son Jay could print them off and blow them up so my late Mom could see what we were up to. I really didn't like to leave Mom for the winter at that time of her life and I knew my letter writing skills were really rotten. So decided to say it with pictures it has continued on since because a few of you seem to enjoy the read. I thank you, especially those who write me and say.........haven't read an Update lately Tom........

It's a lazy afternoon here in Mission. The temp outside is 21 deg C and the temp inside is 27 (no AC on). My eyelids are drooping, Rita's flat out on the couch and HeyU has taken over our bed.

Don't forget that we're always close. If you've got Skype look us up and give a call.

Well this machine tells me I've written 5,900 characters so you must be getting tired of reading. I could type all day.

Our Beautiful Family is now located in the Moncton area. Both Jay and Cathy are working and the girls are going to Moncton High. Everyone is really happy (even Chico) so God works his ways as always. We are so proud of them............

Bye for now!


Tom & Rita............and HeyU who doesn't know that I changed the password to the update page for this Trip Journal.....Ha,Ha,Ha.....

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