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The busy plaza filled with mopeds

We treated ourselves to a flight in a 17 seater plane - the narrowest plane we'd flown on!! We aimed to get a lift on a cargo boat going north to the Brazillian border. Trinidad is in the Amazon basin & so a lot of goods are trasported there via river. On arrival in the town we headed straight to the port office. We were directed towards a boat that would be leaving for Guayamarin and so went in search of the captain. Luke was invited on board & disappeared for some time - long enough for me & Marie to start worrying if he'd been kidnapped!! He eventually appeared with a price agreed and a departure time of Tuesday morning at 4am - all written down.

So we stayed 2 days in Trinidad bearly finding things to amuse ourselves with and having to eat at the same dull restaurant every night. We also had to put up with the stench and sight of the open sewers everywhere!!!

Tuesday morning came & we headed off to the port nice and early at 2am with a box load of food to keep us going for the 6 day journey to the border. Got to the port and there was no activity or lights on on any of the boats. Luke boarded the boat in the dark (..being savagely attacked by huge mosquitos with night vision goggles) and woke the captain up. When he finally appeared nearly 15min later he didn`t seem to realise that he had in fact agreed to take 3 people up to the boarder at 4am Tuesday morning. After comunicating with very little Spanish Luke found out that the boat would actually be leaving 3days later on Friday... So back we went with our load of food.

The next day Me & Luke hired a moped & went in search of the other port near the town. After riding for 2hrs and being sent in numerous directions up dusty tracks and crossing a river twice by floating barges we eventually gave up. We found no boats capable of making the journey - most didn't even have their own engine but were pushed along by tiny boats mored to the side. We returned to Marie with the bad news knowing we had done all we could and had no option but to admit defeat.

We had no time or desire to wait around until Friday so Plan B had to be put into action - a bus to Santa Cruz and from there a train to the border. No adventure up the Amazon for Team England & no chance to use the hammocks bought especially for the trip : (


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