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After we arrived home from the zoo trip, we had a couple of hours to have something to eat and rest before getting ready for the dance tonight. Our favorite musician is singing and playing tonight. He is a young guy named Diego. He is really good and plays a great variety of music so that he makes almost everyone happy. We like him not only because he is so talented but because he really plays music that is danceable. He plays everything from country to rock to polkas and Latin music. He keeps people out on the floor.

We were volunteered as Leads for the dance tonight which means that we come in early at 5:30 to open the place, get the tickets out for the ticket tables (we have three entry doors), we announce the band and at the end of the first break, we get the money from the three ticket tables, count it, and then pay the band and give the rest of the money to the Activity Directors. It really isn't that bad a job because we can dance during the first and last sessions. We just miss out on the middle one, however, we really didn't want to do it tonight since we REALLY wanted to dance all night to Diego. But, the Dance Group Leaders had done the lead for a couple of weeks so they talked us into it.

We trained one of our friends tonight to be a lead so at least we will have another person to look to as a lead. If just a few more people would get trained, we would all only have to do a couple of the leads a season. I'm going to keep on recruiting and see if we can get that to happen!

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