Larry & Cheryl's 2011 Travels travel blog

Raining as we left Casa Grande

More Saguaro Cactus

Patches of Sunlight peaking through the darkness lighting the Mountains

Interesting Mountains near Gila Bend

Rainbow behind our rig in Gila Bend

Birds feeding like crazy before the rain

Curious Dove came close to me

Gila Bend Elks

Friendliest Lodge

Another view of the long lasting rainbow

Pretty desert scene

The birds were gathering in the trees

Today we left to head west not sure how far we would travel along Interstate 8. The skies were black and there was some rain and wind coming up. We only traveled an hour and decided to stop in Gila Bend because the weather was getting worse. Our campground had open desert behind our rig that was filled with lovely desert plants and mountains on the horizon. Close to the back of our rig there were scores of birds: doves, quail, sparrows and many others. They were feeding along the ground and gathering in the low trees as the rain started. In the distance, another rainbow appeared as sunlight peaked through the dark clouds. We even saw a Coyote running past, but too quickly to catch on camera.

We went to the Gila Bend Elks Lodge who claims to be the friendliest lodge, yet was also very slow for a Saturday afternoon. Two guys playing pool, another at the bar and us.

We listened to the wind and rain through the night.

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