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Pink sunset over Casa Grande

What a good idea, clothes drying rack off the ladder

Casa Grande History

Old Stone Church built 1927

Stone Church to Heritage Hall - Museum

Original glass window looks gold in sunlight

Water for the desert

Water Pump Engine

Another old stone building across the street

Casa Grande blazing sunset

Another afternoon - Whole double Rainbow

It was so big I could not capture the whole rainbow

We have had some gorgeous sunsets and even rainbows. The most spectacular rainbow was a whole rainbow with a partial double. Everyone came outside of their RVs to take photos of it. It was breathtaking.

Every time we visited casa Grande in the past, we would pass by the old stone church. Curiousity got the best of me so I went to check it out. It is now a Heritage Museum with lots of interesting stories of Casa Grande's history. The stone church was built in 1927, and the old glass window is lovely. Out front is an example of the old internal combustion pumps they used to bring water to the surface for the farmers.

The museum also listed many people that originated in Casa Grande and went on to be celebrities and professional athletes. There was also history of the Ronstadt family of the Tucson area, yes, singer Linda Ronstadt’s ancestors.

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