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Creating some delicious claypot meals. Fried Rice, pork, chicken, delicious!

Chicken anybody? (not sure how they got them so flat!)

Just a wee bit of a crowd at the Petronas towers! :)

Fountain show at KLCC

Towers all lit up, ready for the new year.

Fireworks were amazing!

We spent most of the day updating the blog once again and finally decided to head on out to China town for a bite to eat and to go see the "Fish Doctor's" again. We spotted a little stand that was making up clay pot dishes so we decided to stop and eat. The hawker stall vendor whipped up two medium clay pots for us. Jason and I shared one and Delphine and Nick shared another. The pot comes to your table steaming, they remove the lid and motion you to stir the contents inside the clay pot. As you do so the steam comes rolling out, inside there was rice, onions, chicken and Chinese sausage. It was delicious, one of the best meals we have had so far in Kuala Lumpur.

Once our bellies were semi full we wondered down the streets of China town, making our way through the crowded streets that were filled with hundreds of shops containing purses, clothes, jewellery, sunglasses, phones.....you name it they got it. After finally breaking free we made our way to the Central Market where we found, once again the large fish doctor station. Soon enough all four of us had our feet in the water and the fish were going crazy on our feet. Jason laughed like crazy again but this time I caught it on camera and recorded him for a bit.

We went back to our rooms, freshened up and went out to celebrate New Year's Eve. Our first stop was the Golden Triangle where they shut down one of the main streets. The place was packed, celebration horns were sounding, silly string and snow were being sprayed everywhere and lots of people were cheering on the new year even if it was only a little after 9pm.

We made our way to the Petronas Twin Towers, this is the sight of where the fireworks will be going off. Jason and Delphine wanted to get some photos of the fireworks with the towers in the background. We walked around the towers to finally find a spot where we thought the best place would be to watch the fireworks and take shots. The grounds were absolutely packed and at certain points you couldn't even walk anymore you just came to a stand still.

The crowds were cheering, blowing horns and spraying silly string all over and as the countdown began the noise got louder and louder and finally.......BAM....fireworks galore. What a show, Jason captured photos while I video taped on our other camera. The fireworks were almost directly overhead but the towers were to the right of us a bit so it was very hard to get both in the photographs. However we were amazed at the light show and as the crowd was cheering and welcoming in 2012 the stream of fireworks became abundant towards the end of the show.

Welcome 2012 to all our family and friends. We LOVE you all.

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