Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Shirley posing

Doing sudoku with the elves

Brass Nativity

Nicely decorated

Yes we took my kidney stone on a bike ride yesterday. The weather has finally turned to the chamber of commerce variety, sunny mid 70's. So we took off on our bikes and did a few miles. One stop of note was the historic Arizona Inn. What a beauty. A classic refurbished inn built in the early 1930's (as some of you were). Beautiful common rooms, immaculate grounds, tennis, badminton, table tennis, and croquette were all offered. I checked the room rates. They start at $275 a night. Thinking this in not a place for our annual college get together. Then we went to lunch with Barbara Cowan's sister and husband. Barb and Ray get a shout out here because they are in our Sunday school class at North Decatur UMC. Donna and Jim live in Tucson and sister Barb told them about our blog and that we were in Tucson.They have been following us and asked us if we would like to get together. We had a very nice time. After lunch I had pre-op lab work done, filled up the big honkin' dually and then just hung out until dinner. After dinner we went back to a neighborhood we saw bike riding earlier to see the Christmas lights. Another mostly pain free day for moi. Three to go...but who's counting! Enjoy the pics.

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