Troy & Dana Allen Anniversary Trip to Costa Rica (11/25/11 - 12/7/11) travel blog

The expectation: The mile-high Volc'an Arenal, Costa Rica's youngest and most active volcano, shook for 12 hours and blew it's top on July 29, 1968. "Since then, Arenal has been in a constant state of activity - thunderous, rumbling eruptions are sometimes as frequent as one per hour. These earthshaking events remind everyone what it really means to coexist with the world's third most active volcano. Night is the best time to view the action - rocks spewing skyward. Although everyone refers to "lava," "pyroclastic flow" a mix of incandescent rock and gas, is a more apt description of what the volcano churns out. Call it what you will: the spectacle rarely fails to impress." - Foder's Costa Rica 2011.

WHAT! Are you kidding. No pyroclastic flow, no rocks spewing skyward, no thunderous and rumbling earth movements.

The reality - a hill, covered in clouds. The reality made Mr. Hole very suspicious that a volcano even existed here. Definite suspicion on my part that Foder's is as much in the sales business as the information business. However, the professional bird watchers far exceeded our expectations - if we ever had any.

They are an interesting group of people. Big and expensive cameras cluttered their shoulders, high end pocket covered vests, and a very intense enthusiasm for finding "just the right spot" to see a bird land on a branch, flutter it's wings, and then fly off. Clearly, we were the red neck bird watchers (as Mr. Lola called us) for sure. Mr. Lola felt shot guns were more appropriate for the occasion as opposed to a $5,000 dollar camera. A shot gun would certainly make bird watching a true sport! Are bird watchers "wanna be" sportsman?

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