Troy & Dana Allen Anniversary Trip to Costa Rica (11/25/11 - 12/7/11) travel blog

We drove on roads that again proved to be filled with crazy bus drivers, slow trucks, and lots of drizzle and rain. We stopped in La Fortuna for a little shopping and then headed to

We stayed at he Arenal Observatory Lodge. We took a self-guided walk around the property which was really spectacular. We followed a 3 mile (or so) trail that took us to a water fall (down a precarious trail), a suspension bridge, farm houses and pastures, and ending with a trail of ants carrying what would eventually be a... not sure what they were building although fascinating.

The weather was gloomy and wet driving Veronica, Lola, Novia to re visit earlier years of their lives. Wow, have times changed. To think these three beautiful ladies could ever look like this shocked Jonathan and I - Brad was just turned on. A down-pour started and Dana and the walrus (that would be me) went swimming in the rain. It was cold and cool at the same time. Brad joined us but wasn't in long. I'm not sure if it was the walrus that scared him off or the cold water sinking into his body - 4% body fat won't cut it in those waters. The "team" commented on how memorable this time was.

After moving into our quarters we proceeded to get clean, dry, and warm. Next, a retreat to the lodge restaurant for more relaxation and conversation. We were very tired and very hungry and we lucked out in getting Monty (Montigue) - the slowest server they had to offer and a little short on memory. Though we eventually stumbled on our orders, we enjoyed our conversation with him. Working for several weeks on end with little time off may be an understandable explanation for Monty.

To bed we go.

Just a side note - this is the first time (of coarse the first night into a 5 day excursion) that I realized I forgot my underwear. Mr. Hole was so nice in offering me a pair of his (I took him up on the offer earlier in the year in Mexico) but I just couldn't move away from my "whitie tighties". Just in case you're wondering, I did wash my under wear every day. Yes - another regret!

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