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My spot at Valley View Rest Stop

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011 - Hopefully leaving Las Vegas for the last time.

Zack and I slept until 8 O’clock, and then I got up and got dressed, going down stairs for the free breakfast buffet. They had a good assortment of breakfast foods, including cold cereal, scrabbled eggs, country potatoes, bacon, sausage, waffles, that you pour yourself and a timed griddle tells you when it is done, muffins, three types of juices, coffee, and all of the condiments. I had the scrabbled eggs, which were like rubber, sausage, muffin, OJ and coffee. It was more than I normally eat in the mornings, so I was full when I finished.

Back at the room, I took Zack down for his morning duties and then back to the room to update the blog and check on my messages.

We made it back to Camping World and I checked in with Mike, giving him the recipe for the hotel stay. He called to check on whether or not the correct rotors had been delivered and was told they had and that the mechanics were in the process of putting everything back to together.

I played with Zack in the parking lot, then went into the waiting room and watched television while reading the daily newspaper. Ray came in and said that my motor home would be finished within the hour and would let me know when it was done. It was almost one O’clock, so I hoped I’d have enough daylight to make it out of Las Vegas before dark.

By 2:15, Mike came in and said it was done. They had driven it ten miles to make sure the light didn’t come on, or that there were any other problems. He had me sign for the work and gave me copies of the paperwork. Of course there were no charges and the dealership had to eat the cost of the now used rotors, $469.58 each, plus the hours of labor. I guess they learned a valuable lesson and will make sure they have the correct parts next time. As I was leaving, the owner, which hadn’t identified himself prior to now, maybe out of fear of my possible anger, personally apologized and wished me a good trip.

By 2:30, I had the car hooked up and we were ready to go. One last check of Zoey’s hiding place, to make sure she hadn’t pulled her Houdini act and slipped out, and then we were out the gate and pointed towards California.

I had looked at the maps previously and decided that South Las Vegas Blvd parallels I-15 south, connecting about 15 miles down the road, so opted to take it, rather than the freeway. It is a good two-lane road with no traffic, so it gave me time to make sure all was working well.

I stopped and filled up the motor home, $3.69, at the intersection of the road and I-15, then boarded the freeway. As we traveled, the setting sun was right in my eyes, so I considered stopping somewhere to spend the night and avoid it, but then the mountains intervened and I was shielded from it. I continued into California and pulled into the rest stop at dusk, to spend the night.

I didn’t put the jacks down, or extend the slide outs, as I can function perfectly well without them being out. I heated up some left-over’s and then watched television until about 9:30, going to bed with hopes of getting an early morning start.

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