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Saturday - Today I finally got sick of living in a dark room with no where to hang my clothes. So off to Argos again (a department store that you order out of a catelog) and I purchased a clothes rack and a floor lamp. Once home i cleaned and reorganised the room so now it is a lot more homely, a lot brighter, and it doesn't look like a chineese laundry.

Sunday - After talking to mum on msn for an hour or so, off into the city to watch a movie. We watched Sin City, and it could of been the worst movie I have seen, so we then went and watched Mr & Mrs Smith which was a lot more entertaining. Had dinner in city then headed home.

Monday & Tuesday - Work, and work, nothing exciting, just still really enjoying the work and the people I work with.

Wednesday - I must of made a good impression on my work colleegs. Tomorrow is my last day with the business, so they arranged a drinks night for me at the local pub. The first pub we went to was busy and took close to 30min to get a drink. After we had finished that one we where moving on to the next pub when the hiltons sky lounge was suggested as a place to drink. A short walk and a 28 level ride in a lift, we where looking out over london. Cocktails all round and the night was starting to warm up. On the way out we saw Dennis Rodman the american basketball player. Down the lift we went and then down to the bacement to trader vics for some rum kegs. Next stop was planet holywood for dinner then to tiger tiger for a bit of a dance. Then at 12am we all agreed it was home time.

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