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Monday, December 19, 2011

I was up before 7 AM, without needing my alarm clock. I got things put away and the motor home ready to move, getting into the service lane at 7:30. There was only one other RV in the lane, so I pulled forward and tried the door, but it was locked. I waited, but even though the hours are posted 7:30 to 5:00, no one came out. Soon a mechanic tried the door and someone came and opened it for him, so I went in looking for Ray. He was elsewhere, but another service writer, Mike, that had helped me get out of there on Friday, wrote up the problem and took the motor home.

I posted a sign on the door; “Cat on board, use driver’s door for entry,” hoping that Zoey isn’t let loose again. I am waiting in the customers lounge and writing this, with hopes that the problem is simple and fixed quickly. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

10:30 AM update: They have discovered that they received and installed the incorrect rotors on Friday. It seems that Ford had a couple of different type: one with ABS sensors, and one without. They put on the ones without, and the computer didn’t trip the warning light until I’d driven 20 miles.

So, it’s a good thing I returned to have the problem dealt with. They tried to get the correct rotors from Ford, here in Las Vegas, but they would have to order them, and that would take two days. They are trying a different supplier and hopefully can get them, and have me out of here today. Otherwise, I’ll be trapped in Las Vegas a few more days.

Good News - Bad News. After several hours, they located the proper rotors, but they are in California and having them overnighted will still cause me to spend another night in Las Vegas. Because the wheels, hubs, rotors and calipers had to be removed, the motor home needs to stay on the rack overnight, otherwise they would have to spend two hours to put it all back together, then another two hours to take it apart again tomorrow. As a solution, they offered to put me, and Zack, up in a suite at Hawthorn Suites. I accepted and knew that Zoey would be happier staying in her familiar surroundings, with her potty box, water and food.

I packed a few things for the night and then Zack and I headed to the suite. While they accept dogs and I asked for a non-smoking room, the smell of nicotine overwhelmed me upon entering. In the past few years, I’ve noticed that I have a very sensitive olfactory and can detect small amounts of odors that others don’t, so it didn’t surprise me. Unless the hotel is brand new, smoking was allowed in the past and the carpets, drapes and furnishings all contain the nicotine. Luckily, I am not allergic to it, so other than being unpleasant, I managed to survive.

I was able to play with Zack and let him have his potty breaks, off the leash, in the large parking area behind the hotel, so he was happy. He hasn’t been eating all of his dinners for the past three or four days, so I didn’t bother to bring his bowl and food. He can go several days without food and it doesn’t seem to affect him, so I wasn’t worried. The other benefit is that he doesn’t need to poop, so less need to go out for a break.

After getting him to settle down in the new smells and surrounding, I went next door to the casino to see about dinner. They only had a deli and I got a sandwich to go and went back to the room to eat it, keeping Zack company and watching some television. This room is on the third floor, so it is the first time Zack has been in an elevator, and he did just fine. He is a trooper and can adapt to most situations, as long as I am there to comfort him. He has been on an escalator before, but that’s another story.

There is a couch in the room, as well as the king size bed, so Zack made himself at home on the bed, until bedtime, then I made him sleep on the couch, just like he does in the motor home. Around 6 AM, he asked, and was given permission, to get into bed with me and slept until I got up.

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