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Indian Tourists at the Amber Fort outside Jaipur

Chris poising with a tourist as usual, they hunt us down :)

market in Jaipur

Enjoying our palace

Fort at night-it was so cool! we stayed in it!


I loved my camel, from a distance.

This was our bed. After we slept in it.

Haveli. Couryard home, most of the buildings were this beautiful in Jaisalmer

Because until this point, India had simply not been

hot enough, we decided to head to the Great Thar

desert in the area of Rajasthan. This is one of the

most touristed areas in India... but not in the middle

of summer. Temperatures easily reached the 110 degree

F level and didn't cool off too much at night.

Despite the heat, this area of India is really

amazing. The big towns leave a little to be desired,

but they all have these amazing forts built high above

the modern cities. We visited Jaipur, the capital of

the State, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur. Each town's houses

and buildings have a certain color. Jaipur is the pink

city, painted that way for a visit from some English

dignitary but now very much lacking much pink. Jodhpur

is the blue city and still remains largely that way

because the blue is supposed to represent the brahman

(highest) class in the caste system.

Our favorite town was called Jaisalmer right on the

edge of the Great Thar desert. Unlike most of the

towns where the forts are museums, in this town, the

fort is a living city. We stayed in probably the most

amazing place that we will find on this trip. It was

an old palace that has been converted into a few rooms

for touists. The place was huge with intricate details

everywhere, large columns in the middle of the room

and beautiful doorways opening to balconies on 2 sides

of the room. Everything in the town is built from

golden sandstone, so our room looked gold in early

morning and late afternoon sunlights. The town was

simply incredible. We also took a camel safari through

the desert. I think you do these just to say that you

have done them rather then really wanted to do them,

but it was an interesting experience. Unfottunately,

we had quite the sand storm the night we spent in the

desert and woke up covered by pounds of sand. The

number of stars in the sky as we went to sleep made it

worth it... until we realized how sore we were from

riding the camels. Not comfortable animals by any

stretch of the imagination!

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