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Come on do you recognize this guy?

Enough time to have a baby, play a baseball season (with spring training for pitchers and catchers and World Series), three world seasons, includes both daylight savings and standard time, more than a school year AND our trip. Yes it has been 9 months since our great adventure began. And WHAT a trip!! Some of those viewing this blog we have never met. Some are family and close friends. THAT I think is really fantastic! As you know we are off for a three day weekend, so today was a catch up on chores day. Mid 60's but too windy to ride our bikes. Here are some statistics you may find interesting. At the 9 month mark we have driven 24,917 miles. Spent $8422 on diesel with an average of $3.80 per gallon and 11.25 MPG. Lodging cost are $4852 which includes the ONE hotel we stayed in during the tornadoes in April. Our average cost per night is $18.52 with tax included. Our net lodging savings from clubs we belong to is $1156. We have spent 67 nights with no charge. THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND WALMART AND NOMADS!!! We have spent $3020 on fun stuff (restaurants not included). We have saved $523 with coupons etc. These are the only things I keep up with other than weather and what we did each day. This trip is a BLAST. Enjoy the pic.

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