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Night time light show

Hong Kong island from in high

Here we are for the last time. We hope our boredom in Hong Kong isn't reflected in anything we have to say about the rest of our trip.

To quell the boredom we took a trip to a place called Ocean Park. It was an ocean/aquarium park come theme park. One side f the mountain had a range of aquatic animals, including panda bears, and the other side had roller coasters and bumper cars.

Considering it was meant to be mainly an ocean park, the theme rides were quite good, a better selection than either Disneyland or Universal Studios. The weirdest thing is that, when we went to Alton towers on a wet, cold, English week-day, the park was completely packed. Whereas, on a warm over crowded city located theme park that had installed only a few days earlier, some 4 new rides, was actually quite empty. For about 2 hours we were often the only people going on any of the rides. We were lucky to meet someone going down the paths at the same time. It got busier as the day went on, but it was a weird first few hours. Because it was on a mountain side, we got some very good views, especially from all those rides who throw you 100ft into the air.

Yesterday we went to a slightly dated, yet nicely interactive science museum. We were aiming for the history but they close on Tuesdays. Even though it was meant mostly for kids, we had fun with the high level on interactivity, but it did suffer a bit form the Chinese aspect, promoting all the odd medicines they perform and saying how China is wonderful (not uncommon for a lot of museums abroad)

Today we took a more relaxing view from on top of the hill called "Victoria Peak". You can take a hill train up to the top, but we saved our £6 and walked up and down. We weren't expecting the shopping mall on top, as the scenery was quite nice along the way, but it did offer spectacular views of the entire island. We also did a small amount of shopping.

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