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After 3 days here in HK, we both feel a little crowded. What we thought was going to happen in Tokyo is more true here. The streets are over crowded and the air is thick with all the smoke that must come down from the hundreds of high rise housing blocks. Shops are often hidden on the first 3 floors (4, because of England's insistence of having a G floor) of these high rise towers. The entrance to which is even more secluded, tucked away between the hundreds of watch/camera/clothes stores. On the inside is more of the same, but with a lot more emphasis on phones. Apparently 30% of the worlds smart-phone business is in China and the best place to get them is HK. Because of this the streets are flooded, even more so on the weekend.

Our accommodation sums most of it up, it is very close to the smallest room we have been in and it is meant to fit 4 people. We have a shower room between us, with a small locker each. There are also cockroaches, but anything is better than ants or bed-bugs. And there is no window, not to the outside world that is. Strangely enough it is not the worst place we have stayed, which makes it a lot more bearable, and it's hard to say that this place isn't all that bad. The online reviews of most hostels make this place seem to be the gem of the litter, but we we will never know.

We haven't achieved much as there isn't much to do here apart from sight seeing and shopping. Neither of which we really want to do. We did see Tintin the movie in 3D, in English, with Chinese subtitles, that was a very good evening, highly recommend etc. We plan to go to more theme parks and do some more sight seeing, but for now its count down to home time.

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