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A few saguaro cactus in our new back yard in Brenda AZ

Another view of some of the BLM property that is our back...

Water holding system the Fish & Wildlife creates to help keep the...

One stop on our first ATV ride

Our new friend and trail-guide, Pete

You can see forever from the highest point on our ATV ride

"Eagle Eye" seen from the highest point

Anna during one of our daily walks

"Vanna" Anna showing off the golf-cart bone yard

We arrived in Brenda AZ on Tuesday, Dec 6 just before 5pm. It took us just over 3 hours to make the trip. The spaces here are smaller than what we had in Needles but there is still plenty of room for our vehicles and ATV. We don't have any pics of our site quite yet but we will soon. Dave, from the RV park, did a great job guiding/directing Rick into a tight spot. Once we got set up I got to work fixing dinner.

I first tried to thaw meat but the microwave suddenly stopped working so I went to plan "B". Tuna and noodles it would be. After relaxing a couple hours we turned in for a good nights sleep. Or so we thought. Somehow I managed to cook with "Sal" (salmonela!) Don't ask me how canned meat & soup, frozen peas and noodles could be bad. None-the-less we both got violently ill. It hit me at 11pm and Rick at about 3am. We spent all day Wednesday in bed. Anna was an awesome dog, never demanding anything, but appreciating the few times we were able to tend to her needs.

Thursday we finally set out to explore our new home - weak, but on our way to feeling normal again. We met several of our new neighbors. Each short walk turned into an hour and a half or more because of all the folks saying "Hi! Are you new here? Where are you parked? What's your dog's name?" Conversations always turned to ATV adventures so we knew we would need to retrieve our fourwheeler from Lake Havasu.

Friday we made the trip to Lake Havasu so we could start riding with our new found friends. We enjoyed another visit with Dave and Julie again before loading the ATV for the hour and a half drive back to Brenda.

Today we went on our first ATV adventure. Our new friend and neighbor, Pete, offered to take us out to show us a couple of places. We made stops along the trail to check out different copper mining sites and other points of interest. We ended up at the highest peak on this trip where we had an awesome view of the surrounding area. We could see Bouse, Hope and several mountain ranges including those near Phoenix and Yuma. The destination was to see Eagle Eye, which is an opening in the mountain rock. Then down to get up cloes and personal with Twin Peaks and return home. On our way down we saw a mule deer, rabbit and several lizards. No snakes today because it was too cold - 65 degress is too cold!?!

As for the microwave - it was an easy fix. Hurrah!

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