Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Jeannie with her cleaning stuff

Sheri getting a hand from Gary

Shirley taking off the closet molding

Who is that masked man? Charlie of course

I have a sit down job

Charlie and Sheri

Gary and Jeannie taking a break

Shirley and Dianna

Enjoying pizza with Jack and Dianna

Another good work day for the NOMADS. We all went to tackle a couple of apartments at Mission Vista that needed the carpet torn out and be prepared for painting. All six of us were on the job. All the floor moldings needed to come off then the carpet taken up then the carpet tacks and then the padding. After that the glue that held the padding to the cement floor needed to be scraped off. Laminate flooring is going down. We cleaned too with the help of a couple of wonderful women who were there when we got there. The Big Honkin' Dually came in handy as all the carpet etc was put in the long bed and hauled to the dumpsters. I took off early to get a new crown on one of my teeth which broke last week. Broke is the key word here almost $1300 for a CROWN! Anyway, after everyone got back we had dinner with Shirley's sister Dianna and her husband Jack who are in Tucson on their RV adventure. They bought a beautiful fifth wheel camper and are headed to Phoenix and north before they start heading back east to the Savannah area where they live. Guess what? NOMADS only work a 4 day week and we are off today (Fri). Enjoy the pics.

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