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Nov 27 – Just up the sea from Koh Samui on a short ferry ride is the island of Koh Phangan. My new home will be in the small town of Haan Rin, it is a small tip of the island. On one side of the town is sunset beach, which is where I am staying. Once again, just like Vietnam, I scored the ocean front bungalow. I get to fall asleep listening to the waves again. It is also loaded with a hammock on the front porch.

On the other side of the town is sunrise beach. It is world famous for its Full Moon Parties. Luckily we are between full moons so the town was really quiet, with good rates. You do still see lots of other backpackers walking thru town. Unlike the streets of Phuket and Koh Samui, were you run away from the tailor shops, Phangan is loaded with medical clinics in their places. I am guessing lots of injuries during the Full Moon Party time. Also instead of the cheesy normal souvenir shirt shops everywhere else in Thailand, they are replaced with bright colored fluorescent shirts, shorts and tank tops, all geared to the full moon party.

In the evening I headed out the sunrise beach to see what’s happening. There was a beach bar with a lot happening. The fire throwers were out in full, performing for the crowds. The music was playing, the beach bars where selling the “buckets” another Full Moon famous product. A bucket filled with ice, a Mickey and topped with pop. The beach bar really does good to get the people going. They set up a basketball net, and you win drinks if you sink one, I don’t remember anyone sinking one though. Also a tug of war got going; it was fun watching the Thai girls bet the white girls. After hanging out a while I attempted to get back to the other side of the town, after a few wrong alley dead ends trips, I made it back to my awesome palace.

Nov 28 – As the beach on my side gets the evening sun, I headed back to sunrise beach for some sun. What a difference the tide makes. I swear last night there was so much sand, today there was so much water, but I still found a nice spot.

After a few minutes in the water, I found myself in a game of Frisbee with some Irish folks. It is a bit more challenging than playing in Sylvan as the waves get large enough to hide the other person behind.

One thing I like about this place is that the restaurants play movies all day long on large TV’s. They post the features in front and you can stop in and catch a flick. Kind of like dinner theatre. Tonight’s feature was All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock. I recommend it, she plays a great role. Everyone is so laided back here. Defiantly on Island time.

Nov 29 – Very little going on today. Caught up on postcards and sent them out. Did the laundry. Got a haircut. It is easy to tell the hair shops don’t get many people a day like some the ones I go to in Red Deer. The lady must have trimmed every hair individually on my head. Feels like I was in there for hours. And cheap, a couple of dollars.

I took full advantage of my room to catch the sunset on camera today. It was amazing watching the sun set beside Samui in the distance. There were Thai children playing on the beach with their moms, while the men got the boats ready to catch the night fish.

Tonight I watch one of my favourite movies at supper, Step Brothers. I laughed. Had an easy night as I got to catch the early boat to Koh Tao, home of the best diving in Thailand. Hehe.

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