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Giant golden turd? Sure, what would you have on top of YOUR...

The imperial palace, most of it was cut off from the public

The thunder dolphin, in the middle f the city and pretty high....

It also went through a ferris wheel, now thats quite cool

On top og the Ghibli museum, try and guess what it is...

It said no photography, so this was an attempt at sneaky shots....

Disney Sea Tokyo, NOT land, it is very different. Very.

Jafar, he gave Jen the most evil of death stares.

Not form any disney, but looked pretty good with all the effects.

Well, we have spent 4 days in Tokyo now and we have done quite a bit, or not much? It's hard to judge.

We arrived late on Sunday because we took the local trains. The Shinkansen would have taken 1.30 hrs, but the local trains took about 8 hrs including the subway. Wow.

For our first couple of days we didn't try to do anything special, just went sight seeing across the city. We discovered that it isn't as spectacular as we had hoped, but it rarely is nowadays. Maybe we have yet to find something hidden that will show us what outside people think of Tokyo. We hear it mostly comes out on the weekends.

We also paid a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum, this is the Japanese version of Disney. The difference is that Disney own about hundred castles around the world (inc Japan) and Ghibli has a small house in an out-of-Tokyo town. It was a shock how small it was and because of this is was completely packed. They have a system where you buy your ticket days in advance with a specific time slot (10.00 am 12.00pm.....etc) and this is supposed to thin the crowds, but they must have put quite a high cap on their quota because you couldn't move in most of the rooms. This aside, it was quite an insightful museum in how they produce their films with lots of good props. Jen was especially impressed with the background paintings used in the films.

For today we had planned to go to another theme park called Fuji-Q, however bad reviews put us off, so instead we went to DisneySea.

It is important to show the difference between Disneysea and Disneyland, because DL over the world have just copied the one in Florida almost identically, where as DS is only here in Tokyo. They took a back seat with the Disney themes (only TLM and A) and showed off a lot more general ideas, such as dock-land, jungle-land etc. It was a god fun day out. We shall see if we want to do any more theme-parks, there is a Disneyland in Hong Kong after all.

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