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Our NOMADS leaders Jeanne and Gary

Nomads Charlie and Sheri

The NOMADS meet the TMM Family Service staff

We are pleasantly exhausted as I write. Today was our first day at NOMAD work. What a commute! We stayed at our location today and worked on the grounds of this amazing resource. First we learned at a meeting (after devotionals) about Tucson Metropolitan Ministry (TMM). This location where we are camped out (pics yesterday) has two main functions. They have group homes for children who have been taken out of their homes by the courts. Also, there is housing for single mothers who qualify. The appropriate staffing of professional counselors and social workers are here to help "mainstream" the folks who stay in this very nice environment. The kids, of course, stay until the court either lets them go back to their homes or if not go to foster homes. While the facility is incredible the stories of these kids will break your heart. Anyway it was clean up day and the six of us swept, dug, hauled rocks, fixed gates and trimmed in 70 degree cloudless weather. Not bad work if you can get it.Tiring but fulfilling. Looking forward to tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.

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