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A short update. We left Destin, Florida on Wednesday morning and landed just outside of Mobile, Alabama Wednesday afternoon. We stayed there Wednesday night and Thursday night. Today, Friday, we drove straight through Mississippi and arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana around 5pm. We will spend one night here before moving on across the Texas border.

Our annual premium subscription with My Trip Journal expired on November 22nd and we haven't decided whether to renew it or not. As you may know, there is a limit to the amount of photos you can post with a free account (150 per month I believe) and the unlimited amount available to Premium subscribers. I am well over the monthly allotment, 623 as of now, so I can't post any more photos this month. I do have a request in for a discount as this is our 6th year with them and I was notified yesterday that they would let me know shortly. If they grant the discount, we will renew...if not???

We got several pretty photos while in Florida so hopefully I can post them in a few days. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a bout of food poisoning with our last Florida seafood meal and was a pretty sick girl. If Thanksgiving had been Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Larry would have been out of luck! I did manage to prepare a few traditional dishes for him on Thursday & I enjoyed my few bites of mashed potatoes and dressing, lol! Our neighbor, Rita, was kind enough to share two pieces of cherry and 2 pieces of pumpkin pie with us this morning before we pulled out after finding out we didn't have Thanksgiving pie yesterday. The folks in this park, Hilltop RV, were so friendly and nice. Larry told a couple of guys that I was ill and the word must have spread like crazy. You can't believe how many folks came by to see how I was doing. How nice....Aren't RV'ers amazing? A great group of folks for sure.

Hope you all enjoyed your day and are having a wonderful weekend with family and friends. We are moving West a bit faster than we'd hoped, but time is marching on and it's time to get home. We miss our Nevada family and friends and can't wait to see them. The weather is still great. In the 70's again today, clear and beautiful. Can't ask for more than that!

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