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Bacon. We crave Bacon. To our delight, and a bit of surprise as Islam is a fairly major religion in the region we actually got bacon with our breakfast this morning. So far the food at the resort (as well as everywhere really) has been really good. We have eaten more friend noodles and rice in the past few days then i would normally eat in a month so started venturing back to a bit of western fair as both of our stomachs have been a little on the grumbly side. Not sick, but not quite great. So we also ate some pizza for supper. Of course they don't have things like pepperoni out in these parts so you get to pick from more local flare such as Tuna, or crab, or mango, or chili's to top your pizza along with a few of the traditional basics such as beef, ham, and pineapples or mushrooms. It was different.

We do do more then just eat. We rented a scooter today (and possibly for the entire week at only 10 bucks a day) and hit the road exploring. First thing we found was that the knock off market out here is much much better. We already haggled our way into a snorkel set, a button up Billabong shirt for Brooks, and a Diesel shirt / Billabong shorts for Neala for a cool 35 bucks Canadian. Although we haven't checked the snorkel set yet... For all we know it leaks. We also found a pretty decent selection of knock off bags, etc. But we haven't gotten into the hardcore haggling yet as they start their prices grossly high on bags. We are likely going to try to use volume buying power in the next few days to really hammer a good deal home. The biggest question will be were do we put it all?

With the scooter the world is now our oyster. We are free to roam the island on our town terms which is pretty great. We explored the pier beach (nasty) and the beach to the south of us that is suppose to be amazing according to lonely planet... only to find that at low tide it is a rock filled danger zone. Whoever did there research for this area of the book did not do it well. Everything we have bought we have gotten cheaper, and some of the reviews of the beaches, etc. have been completely off base, but that's okay because it only makes the deals we get more exciting and the beach we are on more attractive. The only disappointment so far is that diving is shockingly expensive here. Insultingly so by Thai standards... and Brooks having dived in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia before is having a very very hard time coming to terms with this. It was suppose to be a cornerstone of this legs stop but given the incredible cost of it relative to the rest of our trip (or Brooks's other diving experiences) we are likely going to have to deviate unless we can find a dive operator that is willing to move on their price which so far has not happened. Alternatively we may end up restricting ourselves to just one or two dives and those likely will not happen until Phi Phi now which was not part of the plan as it is still expensive there but comparatively cheaper. Dive prices on Phi Phi are set, island wide. Still it is not all bad because with the huge amount of money we will no longer be spending on diving, we can divert it into things like taking extra guided tours on the island, and spending more in the markets, eating fancier meals, etc. so it may result in a better overall trip as a side effect. I guess you will have to keep reading to find out :o0

Our fridge is now full of one of every type of beer Thailand has to offer. It is simply a matter of finding the time to sit down and explore them. We can get anywhere we want to be now as, if we need to be there as well. Although we should noot put the two activities together.

We went for one hour massages today right on the beach too. We don't have to tell you this was great. We both feel loose a goose now. The only thing we need to get on track at this point is our sleeping schedule. We are having a heck of a time staying up past 9 PM and sleeping past 5:30 AM as a result of the 13 hour time difference from home but if that is the worst of our problems then I suppose we are doing just fine.

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