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The view from the cafe

Magome, its one road


There are bears? And bear bells?

You could really live here.

The plan was to try and get to a place called Kamikochi, a mountain town that had an abundance of hiking opportunities. However, they close for winter, ie mid-November :/ . So, we took the internet advice and went to this place called Magome.

This town is essentially one of the small gatherings of houses set on the hill side. Much like Kyoto, this place is quite stunning, surrounded by all the colour of Autumn with a hill side view to match. The theme is waterwheel, as there is a stream that runs down the one road passing through everyone's house.

We got hungry after arriving and were fooled into what looked to be meat on sticks which turned out to be something more like fried sweet beans on a stick. Ric ate all of his AND Jenny's.

The night was quite cold, but we were ready for THE hike. Magome is more popular for this stone road which runs through the village and onwards through the mountains to another village called Tsumago. A short hike, about 7.6km, so we did it there and back. Whilst in Tsumago we had lunch, which we thought to be different meat on a stick, fool us twice. They were rice with some chestnut paste and then fried. The lesson is, if it looks like meat, its probably bean or nut paste.

Along the way we kept coming across bear bells, supposedly there are bears in the mountains and ringing the bell scares them. We saw no bears, but we did see some monkey like creature. I bet he was scared of the bells.

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