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Courtney went on a girls night out cocktail masterclass with some ladies from work. Straight from the office 15 ladies piled into taxis and headed to the Revolution Vodka bar in the old town, poor ol' Craig had to catch the bus all the way home on his lonesome. Everyone had a turn behind the bar making several different cocktails, unfortunately I missed out on the Cosmo but there's always next time!! During the course of the night the bartender was asking questions from the crowd, correct (or reasonable) answers were rewarded with a yummy bubblegum shot and silly answers were punished with a chilli shot. Luckily for me I kept my mouth shut! The girls who were punished certainly suffered after the very hot chilli. After the cocktail making course we had some pizza and wedges before one of the girls and I left to meet up with the boys (Craig was out with her husband). After having a few beers with Sultana, Neil and Scott we were well and truly feeling the effects and decided to start the walk back across town. After walking about 200m (stopping to help a drunk girl on the road) we decided that McDonald's would be oh so tasty and stopped in for a smoko, it was at this point we decided that it would be a great idea to make some early morning phone calls to Dane, Brooke, Katie & Cam......

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