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Well hello all!

How has everyone been these past few weeks? Well for me not so hot...

Hmm where do I begin? So much to tell. I think I will start with how I am feeling as of this moment.

Welp, I have learned that everyone here in China are LIARS!!!!! I don't trust anyone here. Its like they lie about the stupidest things...I find it shocking of the things the people lie about here.

And right now I am just totally confused and most of all annoyed by anyone that wants to say to me "you're my friend". You dont know me well enough to say such, so as of now we are acquaintances. I have also been told that I should choose my friends and not let them choose me. It isnt anything personal if I choose not to be friendly; its just that I value friendships.

I thought that I could trust certain people but turns out you cant. Being here in China I have realized that I only can rely on my God. That's it. Man will let you down every single time, but God wont fail me.

I just laugh at the folks who think they are smarter than me. Oh I pity the fool of you...

I am now starting to realize that many do not know the real meaning of a "friend". Well if you dont, lucky for you I will give you the definition of a "friend" or what it means to "make friends".

Webster says: "make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to."

Now that you know what it means, maybe you should try to figure out what type of "friend" you are.

In all honesty, if I didnt have so much drive and determination to achieve a goal I would give all of this up to come back to the states and live a normal life. But since I am driven to be GREAT in life, I wont let the way people treat me make me want to leave something I have worked so hard to get. I get it, life is all about competition and only those who fight the hardest will succeed. And since I have God on my side I will succeed.

I could be angry, I could yell and scream and say to a few people "I know what you are doing and its wrong"; but for what? They will only tell a lie. Its not worth my energy, breath, or words to waist on people who are being ignorant. I truly believe that people of this world live and breath off of drama. Its like they have nothing else to live for so they will create drama at the expense of others. So sad but most definitely true...Well at least that is what I think...

I know you are wondering if I like it here. Lets just say that this is one place you have to find things that you like about it. Its very: dirty, smelly, nasty, disgusting, no manners, no etiquette, no consideration for others, etc, etc...My dear friends dont believe everything you hear and only half of what you see could be true. That is all I will say.

*Wow, I am starting to feel better now* Venting is important :)

Well I hope that this entry was fun for you. Whenever I have time I will write another.

Family God bless!

Continue to pray for me and I love you all very much.

Life is good but God is AWESOME!

Love, Life, Life

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