Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

On the road again

Ray, Jenny & Candy in front of thier rig

I tell you it's an oasis

THE London Bridge

Not falling down anymore

What bridge?

It was pooch day in the park

That's a big dog

They have miniture light house replica of famous light houses around the...

Replica light house

Lake Havasu

The Bridgewater Channel

What a beauty

Interesting read

Founder and city planner

I was there too

Pool and Jacuzzi at our campground

Nice sunset over the river

Lake Havasu City Arizona is an oasis in the desert. I have been here before but Shirley hadn't and wanted to go so here we are. It amazes me how clean and clear the water of the Colorado River is. This is a planned city that was founded in 1964 and in 1971 they bought the London Bridge and moved it here! The total cost to the city was $7M. But the waterfront area is very beautiful and I am sure the bridge has brought back many times over the cost. This is not yet the season. Just after Thanksgiving and into the new year the snowbirds come. BUT before we got to sight seeing we had lunch with our new friends we met in San Diego. Ray and Jenny from The 1000 Islands Ontario, Canada. They were coming down from Las Vegas and spent the night in Lake Havasu City. We met them in the parking lot of the Golden Corral. We went in and partook of the buffet and had a great time talking about our respective trips. They have gone on to Yuma AZ for four months and we are heading north after church. Getting our sweaters ready. Enjoy the pics.

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