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Whatever you've got, we've have your cure here.

If all else fails, use this.

For a couple of people that only take an occasional aspirin or alka-seltzer, the medicine cabinet in our motorhome looks like the supply room at the 4077 Mash Unit. Over 45 years of marriage, we accumulated a few things on our own, the band-aids, nail clippers, aspirin, but things started to get out of hand when my dad died, and I wound up with all of his stuff. Then, when the kids starting leaving home, coming back home, leaving again and forgetting to take all of their possessions, we started to get overwhelmed in the bathroom.

I now have a lifetime supply of dental floss, band-aids, contact lens solution (we don't wear contacts), suntan lotion, and remedies for constipation or the reverse thereof, upset stomach, slings for broken arms, wraps for sprained wrists, nail clippers, tweezers, soap and shampoo products, you name it. If you ever get athlete's foot, or poison ivy, I got your cure right here.

Tooth-ache? No problem, there are over the counter numbing products, and a few left over pain killers from the dentist.

My wife says this is crazy, and I should toss most of this out, and besides, a lot of the products are "out of date". What she doesn't realize is that men take those dates as "suggestions" and they don't mean much, especially when they become unreadable.

If all else fails, somewhere along the line we acquired a bottle of "holy water".

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