Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Colorado River


Can't imagine what it is like in the summer

Walking in the desert

Neighbors desert garden

Shadow of Shirley riding her bike

Our campsite is a little better

Alfalfa fields in the desert

Cotton fields in the desert

Self portrait

By the looks of things we have virtually moved into the River House. We are sleeping in the camper in the driveway but I am doing the blog while Shirley is sewing. We eat here, shower here, relax here. The big event of the day was a walk in the desert along the Colorado River. And I found that my nephews and nieces have the MLB network on the TV. I also detailed and cleaned the inside of the big honkin dually and detailed the camper. They look mighty spiffy not at all like we have been on the road for over 8 months. When we do leave I hope we remember how to camp. A couple of more days and Shirley should be caught up with the things she wanted to accomplish. The weather continues to be cloudless skys and low to mid 70's. We need to be in Tuscon for our NOMADS (United Methodist 3 week Mission Project) the Sunday after Thanksgiving which is coming up. Enjoy the pics.

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