The Adventure Begins in '10' (2010) travel blog

Rick and I taking pictures of each other.

The white truck ready to go down the ravene

A view of the truck in it's perdicament

The guy's truck back on the trail

A view down the rocky trail

Here comes the train!

Taking pictures as we move alongside the train

Rick got up-close and personal as soon as we passed under the...

Another up-close moving train photo

Back at the resort

Today we took our ATV out to see if we could get into the foothills that are on the other side of the Needles highway, interstate 40 and railroad tracks. We remembered our cell phones, water and GPS as we were going alone. We found our way into the foothills and decided to stop when the trail got very rocky and very narrow. We could see part of a white vehicle up the mountainside, appearing to be in a very dangerous position. As we were getting off the four wheeler I saw a person with no shirt on waving to us with both hands above their head. - So the vehicle wasn't abandoned. HMMM. We decided to walk up a ways to check the trail. Suddenly the guy appears and says "Hi there! Glad to see someone. Is there any way you could help me?" We found out that he had driven his full-sized 4x4 truck up there, got turned around to come back down but then it slid off the side of the road. Rick drove the ATV up the trail while the guy and I walked up the grade. Sure enough, he wasn't getting the truck out on his own. A single wrong action would take him and his truck tumbling down a deep ravene.

After driving through Needles neighborhoods and hearing about all the drug users in the area, we approached this whole ordeal with caution. The guy definitely needed help when we could clearly see he was alone. Using the ATV to give the truck that little extra ooomph, he was able to back up the enbankment onto the trail. He expressed his appreciation and drove down the trail.

The sun was going to be setting within the hour so we headed back ourselves. Once we got back down to the railroad tracks Rick noticed the signal indicating that a train was coming. The trail we were on followed the train tracks so there we were 10 feet from the tracks when the train came up from behind us. The engineer honked and waved at us and we continued along for a couple miles right next to it. Finally it passed us just after we crossed under the tressle.

Our ATV outing was eventful and interesting. It was a good day!

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