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Guess where we went

Its true, we had assistance from Spider-man

Not very flattering for an apex predator, but hey, its nearly Christmas...

All lights and show

When we arrived into our hotel, the first thing the man did (after we had paid) was head to the pamphlet stand and give us everything there was to do in Osaka. We had already gone through most of them using the internet before arrival and it came as no real big surprise when one of them was the Universal Studios theme park Osaka (although the guide itself was written in Korean?)

As with all theme parks it was very expensive and because its Japan, it was always destined to be crowded. All the reviews suggested buying those short cut tickets you can get which cuts your average wait time from 60 minutes down to about 10. But, they cost just as much as the entrance ticket. So we took the next option, which was to go for 2 days. Sounds silly, but they offer a ticket which is essentially a day and a half, start your first day at 3 in the afternoon and continue tomorrow for a full day. It saved money but not time, as we had to queue like everyone else. It was especially clever as both days were long days (closed late in the evening)

Even with these restrictions the longest we ever waited was one hour, so no worse than England and we got to go on everything we enjoyed at least twice. It was similar to Disney land as most of the attractions were not thrill rides, as well as there being a lot of "themed" areas, all film based of course. Also, it seems they literally copied almost everything from the one in Florida, which was built in 1990 and forgot to update any of it. Still, it was all good fun but even the Japanese feel its time to milk the christmas cow. The worse bit was seeing these refillable tubs for the popcorn, but the christmas bucket had a gimmick on the inside so you lost 1/3 your popcorn. Ric saw right through their plot, the solution was to go into the main store (of which there about 500 making up about 80% of the park) and buy a big blue face bucket, with no gimmick, and get them to fill that, get your moneys worth!

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