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Art and Beth


Turkey, yum

Thanksgiving dinner

Rec room all decorated

We had a very nice rainy day. It poured most of the day but we had some interesting activities planned. We met a great couple in a campground in Austin near the beginning of our trip. You might remember we had 3 children of our refugee family staying with us for a night. We met Art and Beth there and struck up a friendly conversation and exchanged information. Well they live 4 miles from where we are camping now and they invited us to lunch at their home in the hills. We had an excellent time chatting and learning about each other. Art is a retired Lutheran minister. He and Beth have a combined family of 10 grown kids and umpteen grandchildren. They live in one of those places in California where we hear of wild fires. Some of their neighbors homes burned but luckily not theirs. We enjoyed their company and that of super dog Katie. Then back to camp for the Gobble, Gobble. The campground put on a full course turkey and ham dinner for all campers. Admission price.... a dish to pass. What a meal, everything you would want for Thanksgiving and an unlimited supply. Dinner was great. Off to Arizona after church today. Enjoy the pics..

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